Experts at Ensuring Safety

Safe work performance is clearly recognized as a necessity in today’s construction industry. Safety is very important to us. We have a proven safety record and provide In- House OSHA and In- House Supervisory. We have certified safety professionals and are affiliated with ABCSETX, National Association of Safety Professionals, and National Safety Council.

Total Industrial Plant Services, Inc , TIPS provides industrial Fireproofing Steel, Fireproofing Concrete, Insulate Piping, Insulation Covers. TIPS also provides other servies such as Insulation Pads, Metal Jacketing, and Equipment Thermal Insulation TIPS serves several industries including Petrochemicals Fireproofing, Refinery Fireproofing, Gasification Fireproofing, Chemical Processing Insulation, Fertilizer Plants Insulation, Power Generation Insulation, and Natural Gas Plants Scaffolding, Incineration Industries Scaffolding, Fabrication Shops Scaffolding.